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Ohio Business Tax Service: We've been providing business tax service to companies in the trucking and transportation industry, as well as many other Ohio based businesses for nearly twenty years.

Our complete business tax service allow you to remain focused on what you do best - run your business - while we deal with the changing tax laws, forms, deductions, and ways to save you money.

Every year business tax laws change and so should your business tax service provider. Because business tax laws change your business tax options need to be addressed constantly. Many of our owner operator trucking business owners don't know they can avoid paying taxes on certain rules and certain ICC numbers, home state, leased to versus independent, etc. These deductions can mean hundreds of dollars in savings.

This year business tax service providers are dealing with the new 1099-K reporting requirements for payment settlement entities, new advanced energy credit in manufacturing facilities which is a 30% tax credit, and many more rule changes. All of which could bring more money back to your business.

This year is the first year where the Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions will take effect - your business tax service needs to be abreast of these changes.

Our tax professionals simplify business tax service through personal attention and advanced training in the latest tax rules and publications.

The constantly changing tax laws, health insurance, unemployment, and new regulations require extensive ongoing education. Maintaining that expertise in house isn't cost effective. That's why today more and more business owners rely on our monthly business tax service monitoring and advisory services.

For trucking company and fleet owner operators these business tax regulations, factoring, equipment financing, bookkeeping records, and other challenges offer unique problems that only someone with Brad's background can address.

From helping you save on fuel and maintenance items, to improving your cash flow position with certain types of factoring, all of these tax situations require someone who has the experience and expertise - as a business tax provider - and we do.