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Carrier Funds - Maintaining Working Capital / Cash FlowCarrier Funds / Maintaining Cash Flow: Your business will last as long as your cash flow does. Today, many small to mid sized business owners, especially in the trucking and logistics space, wait too long to react to cash flow.

With over twenty years of operations and financial expertise in the trucking industry, Brad Hoffman provides quick solutions and the contacts needed to get your company the cash it needs to survive - and prosper.

Brad can help you with a variety of working capital solutions as well as a host of equipment and other financing options available for whatever type of business you're in.

Whether you need accounts receivable lines of credit, asset based credit lines of credit, revolving credit lines, inventory advances, term loans, factoring or refactoring loans, Brad has the contacts and expertise to help you put your business with the lender that's right for you.

Accounts Receivable Financing: Your business will only be as fast as your transaction speed. You need instant funding decisions, assigned customer service representatives, help with collections, debtor / credit management help, etc. We know the best in class for each.

Asset-Based Lenders / Loans: We can introduce you to the best companies for asset based lending. Probably the simplest way for a business owner to generate cash flow and working capital, yet the terms and small print for each lender vary widely. We know who the best asset based lenders are and so do our clients.

Equipment Financing / Equipment Loans: Trucking owners understand what the right or wrong equipment financing terms can mean to their business. Get the right deal on too long of a term and although your initial payments are low, you end up at the end of the deal with maintenance cost per mile that could ruin you. Those and many other variables need to be addressed before you sign a deal.

If your company needs help in maintaining cash flow, give us a call today - we can help...