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What To Expect From A CPA?What should you expect from a CPA or accounting firm? Our motto is a simple one - "Accounting that makes sense".

Indeed, many clients accounting services are an enforced cost, something that would not be invested in were it for legislation or fear of tax consequences.

If you see accounting services as an unnecessary cost, then chances are you are not getting the benefits the service can give you.

Does your accountant actually DO the write-ups of your books monthly and in a timely fashion? Does he or she take the time to go over the figures with you, carefully explaining in understandable English what are the main developments?

Your accountant or CPA should not use jargon that leaves you understanding less than if you hadn't spoken to him at all!

You know, you should not be expected to have a fluent command of accounting terms and clever management techniques.

You are navigating your business towards profitability, growth, financial security and independence. A good accounting service is like radar, giving you the vital information on what barriers and opportunities lie ahead.

Like a captain of a ship, you make the decisions... but you do need the information on the waters around and ahead of you.

Accounting can be so much more than the odd phone call dealing with an emergency, the preparation of annual accounts, the calculation of tax and the client thinking that he is being overcharged for what he gets.

Few other accounting clients ever have the benefit of our approach, and yet the advice we give can mean the difference between the success and failure of a business.

The CPA has to be NOTICED when his advice is needed. He has to always keep his client up to date and offer ideas if and when these are wanted or needed by the client .

The secret of success here is for the client to have essential information provided very quickly by his CPA.

We have found that to be most effective:

The client should have accounting information and a meeting within a few weeks of each month end.

The client should receive that information arranged in order of importance, so that the he does not have to wade through thousands of bits of data.

The information is in an understandable form to the client. The client mustn't be put in a position of either having to confess to not understanding or then just not ask at all... which is makes it all a total waste of his money and time.

The CPA takes the meeting in person (or by telephone) to ensure that he is informed of non accounting matters and other priorities, as this could radically alter the advice he gives. To understand a business the CPA needs to know more than he can read from your accounts.

The client is encouraged to ask questions and enable the CPA to act as his "silent business partner."

The cost must be affordable to the client and leave the CPA with an acceptable compensation for the constant work and effort that goes into this type of service.