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Trucking, Logistics, Carrier Factoring ServicesNon Recourse Factoring: Factoring invoices is one of the most popular ways small business owners as well as mid sized business owners maintain the cash and working capital they need to operate. In the trucking industry there are a whole lot of factoring companies - some offering recourse factoring - some offer non recourse factoring.

What's the difference between recourse and non-recourse factoring? Two things-  first is the cost for a non recourse factoring arrangement is much higher. Non recourse factoring lenders are taking the entire risk that if one of your customers doesn't pay - they eat the invoice - you don't. Yes it provides some comfort for customers selling invoices - but the costs will be much higher in fees, per invoice, and discount rate.

Recourse factoring is more common and less expensive - the reasons are on a recourse factoring arrangement if the customer doesn't pay - the factoring lender takes the money back from your AR account.

Sometimes non recourse factoring deals make sense. It depends on a number of variables. We work with both recourse and non recourse factoring lenders. Each situation is different and based on your specific needs.

Brad Hoffman has been dealing with factoring lenders for over twenty years and has the knowledge and connections to match your company to the right lender. Give Brad a call to discuss your non recourse factoring needs at 614-203-8021