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Factoring InvoicesHow To Factor Invoices - Factoring Invoices - Trucking Company Factoring: entering into a receivables factoring agreement for any trucking company - without the proper guidance could be the death knell for small to mid size companies. It's urgent to understand how the trucking company factoring service you're signing will work - and more importantly what it'll cost.

Small to mid size trucking company owners need to understand the differences in these trucking company factoring services. How long will you need to wait for the receivables you sell to be deposited? Some of these trucking factoring services will make you wait for up to sixty days. That just can't happen if you want to remain viable.

Factoring receivables if done properly could be the best thing your small trucking business needs to stay alive and maintain cash flow / working capital. Getting advances on your invoices if you set up the right deal, means employee payroll, paying your suppliers, office expenses, etc are all up to date.

Trucking factoring companies make contracts for small to mid size trucking companies with tons of caveats that must be reviewed before anyone at your company agrees to the service. Brad Hoffman has been dealing with trucking factoring companies for nearly twenty five years - few can offer the expertise Brad provides trucking company business owners on factoring.

Some basic trucking company receivables finance / factoring benefits you should expect....

Fuel Discounts at the major fueling locations nationally

Easy To Use Fuel Card Limits

Detailed Business Reports

Online Management - control all wire transfers, ACH's - transfer funds from your credit line or available AR to other business accounts.

Easy ACH Processing - take care of payroll, individual or one time transfers

Payroll Included - you can add payroll and settlement options as you need

ACH Protection - allows you to protect any or all ACH transactions

Online Banking - manage your entire banking online from free bill pay to complete check reconciliation

Remote Deposits - want to just scan a check from your home or office? No problem - its part of the deal

Credit Cards for Employees - issue MasterCard credit cards to anyone in your company

Interest Bearing - use account sweeps to earn interest on your daily balances